Fantom snaps 5TB and 3 USB ports directly onto your Xbox One

Because you just know Gears 5​ is going to be 150GB.

Fantom's series of (rather cumbersomely named) Xbox One Hard Drive and Storage Hub attaches directly to the console for a more seamless look.

Fantom's line of Xbox One plug-in storage accessories gets a beefy new member: a $250 5TB version of its Xbox One Hard Drive and Storage Hub. It joins the existing 1TB, 2TB and 4TB models.

The module connects directly into the USB port on the console, with no external power or cables required, and you can plug even more USB 3.0 external drives into the Fantom. 

The company uses Seagate hard drives, though only the smaller 1 and 2TB capacities use the faster hybrid Firecuda drives.