Fallout 76 beta begins in October, more details coming at QuakeCon

You could be wandering the online wasteland in just a few months. If you're lucky.

Sean Buckley Social Media Producer

Ever since Bethesda first dragged the world of Fallout into the modern realm, people have been wondering how it would fare as a multiplayer game. Some fans asked for it. Others built it themselves. Now, with Fallout 76 , the company is actually making an online Fallout experience -- and players who have preordered the game could be playing its beta as soon as October.

The actual game doesn't launch until November 14, but players who preordered the game will get early to the "Break it Early Test Application." Today, the company announced on the Bethesda forums that the beta period will start in October -- but not for everybody. The team will instead be selecting people who have preordered the game from participating retailers to join the beta, with more people being added as the game inches closer to launch.

The beta should eventually be available to everyone who has preordered, although the company hasn't set a hard date for when that will happen -- but we might find out soon. In the same forum post, the company asked the community to send it a barrage of questions, promising to dole out answers during the Fallout 76 panel at QuakeCon. That's just around the corner: QuakeCon opens on August 9.

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