Fall Guys hits Xbox Series X this summer

It'll also land on the Xbox One, so you'll be able to get your battle royale fix on every console.

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Every console gamer will be able to get in on Fall Guys' battle royale chaos this summer, when the game hits Xbox Series X, S and One, developer Mediatonic revealed Thursday. It'll come around the same time as the Nintendo Switch version, which was announced during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct livestream.

The game hit PS4 and PC last August, and its 60-player hijinks and general silliness captured gamers' imaginations

It's unclear whether the Xbox version will be available via Game Pass or if the new versions will include cross-play so everyone can play together. CEO and co-founder Dave Bailey told GamesIndustry.biz last month that he's "definitely glad" they launched the PS4 version via PS Plus, so Game Pass seems like a logical step for Xbox. He also noted that crossplay is a goal as Fall Guys comes "to all the different platforms."

Microsoft and Mediatonic declined to comment.

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