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Facebook Gaming adds Tournaments to keep gamers connected at home

Originally designed for esports, the feature is now for everyone.

Facebook is boosting its Gaming service to help players stay connected at home.
Facebook is boosting its Gaming service to help players stay connected at home. 
James Martin/CNET
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Facebook is boosting its Gaming offering during the coronavirus pandemic, with a new feature designed to help keep gamers connected. The new expansion brings its Tournaments feature to all, allowing gamers to create their own competitions with friends or the general public, adding a new way to keep playing with others even while stuck at home. 

Previously designed for live gaming events, the feature allows you to track the tournament so that everyone can follow along, including updating brackets and leaderboards. Creators who stream on Facebook can host and broadcast tournaments or their games and continue to interact with chats. 

A charity integration allows gamers to raise money and play for a cause. 


Facebook's new Tournaments feature includes standings and leaderboards to follow the action from home. 


Creating a tournament is similar to creating any other Facebook event, including inviting friends and setting how long the competition will run. 

Facebook says the new feature is still in "early access" and being worked on, but those interested can start using it today