Every Kingdom Hearts game will come to PS4 in 2017

With the probable exception of Kingdom Hearts III, which is yet to get a release date.

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Square Enix

2017 looks a good time to be a PS4 owner and Kingdom Hearts fan, with six KH games and three movies coming to the platform.

The company today announced the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Remix games will be re-released on the PS4 on March 31 next year. That'll follow January's Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

(Prepare yourself: outrageous naming conventions below.)

1.5, you'll remember, was a package released on the PS3 in 2013 that featured the remastered original Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories and a cinematic version of 358/2 Days, a game released on the DS in 2009. 2.5, which came to the PS3 in 2014, contained Kingdom Hearts II, the PSP's Birth By Sleep and a cinematic version of Coded, originally a mobile game.

The newly announced 1.5 + 2.5 Remix will include all those games in some form -- four as actual games, two as movies -- on one PS4 disc.

2.8, meanwhile, will have a console version of 2013 3DS game Dream Drop Distance and a cinematic version of Web browser game Unchained X. The star of 2.8 will be Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep-A Fragmentary Passage, which presents all new content that runs on the same engine as Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III, by the way, will be the first main entry in the series to appear on a console since 2006's Kingdom Hearts II. It was officially unveiled at E3 in 2013, though no release date has been set.

Beloved by many, the Kingdom Hearts series is one of gaming's biggest franchises, with over 21 million games sold since 2002. These are among a string of other noteworthy HD remasters to come out recently, including games like Bioshock and Skyrim.