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EA on Star Wars Battlefront franchise -- 'We're just getting started'

EA global publishing chief Laura Miele: "We feel like we have a great road ahead of us in this franchise."

GameSpot Staff
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GameSpot Staff
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The first Star Wars game from Battlefield and FIFA company Electronic Arts following its deal with Disney was 2015's Star Wars Battlefront. It was a big success, having shipped 14 million copies, becoming one of the best-selling Star Wars games of all time. But that's just the start.

A sequel is on the way, which will be developed by DICE and Motive Studios. EA global publishing chief Laura Miele told GI.biz that there is a "great road ahead" for Battlefront.

"[Battlefront] is one of the best-selling Star Wars games in the history of all Star Wars games and that's our first one," she said. "We're just getting started. So we feel like we have a great road ahead of us in this franchise."

Little is known about the Battlefront sequel. Fans, including Star Wars actor John Boyega, have called for a single-player campaign (which the first game didn't have), but there is no word yet on if the follow-up will add this.

Electronic Arts

Speaking generally about EA's Star Wars plans, Miele said it's been "phenomenal" working with Disney and Lucasfilm "in ways that we didn't even anticipate when we originally signed the deal."

Miele was general manager of EA's Star Wars team from June 2013 to June 2014. During this time, she led developed a 10-year strategic plan for the EA-Disney relationship, according to her LinkedIn page.

Also in the interview, Miele talked about how EA working on the Star Wars brand has helped draw in talent from across the industry.

"The thing that has been so fulfilling and rewarding to us is that not only do we feel an obligation to this franchise and brand because we love it so much and we're such fans ourselves, but it was actually incredibly rewarding for our employees and our staff," she said. "They wanted to work on it. It actually helped us draw great talent into the company."

"I think the idea that Star Wars is something that we feel incredibly honored to be part of... It's been something that's really galvanizing for the company. So we're really proud of how this panned out."

You can read the full GI.biz interview here.

In addition to the Battlefront sequel, a number of other Star Wars games are coming from internal and external studios to be published by EA.

EA Star Wars games in development:

  • DICE -- Collaborating with Motive on new Star Wars Battlefront game, coming in 2017.
  • Respawn -- Third-person action adventure game (no release date)
  • Visceral Games -- New action game coming in 2018
  • BioWare -- Continued development on Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Capital Games -- Continued development on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
  • Motive -- A new Star Wars Battlefront game, in collaboration with DICE.
  • Criterion -- Assisting with development on unspecified Star Wars project