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E3 2019: Final Fantasy VII Remake to be split into two parts

Part one will be all about Midgar.

Hello, old friend. 
Square Enix

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII Remake's release date, March 3 2020, 24 hours before its E3 scheduled press conference. So what did the company have left for its big event?

A lot.

Yoshinori Kitase opened Square Enix's show and announced that the game will take part in two parts, one within Midgar one outside of it. The entire Remake will take up two entire Blu-Ray discs, similar to how the PlayStation 1 original took up three CDs. 

We then got a combat explainer from Neal Pabon, senior manager of product marketing. Remake will use a hybrid combat system, using real-time hacking and slashing plus a bullet-time tactical mode from which you can use magic, items and Limit Break attacks. 


Our first look at Tifa in Remake. 

Square Enix

You can also add shortcuts that bypass the bullet-time mode, making it more like a Kingdom Hearts battle experience. The demo ended with Cloud and Barrett's boss battle with the Scorpion Sentinel.

After the gameplay demo, which at numerous points set the crowd buck wild, Tetsuya Nomura came out to talk to the crowd. The game is playable, for the first time ever, at E3, he announces.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake portion of the press conference ended with an extended trailer, which gave us our first glimpse of Tifa in the Remake.