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Dying Light bundle costs $387,700, includes adult diapers

A special edition of zombie-fighting game Dying Light includes a zombie-proof shelter, night vision goggles, survival parkour lessons and adult diapers.

Dying Light screenshot
Better pull on those adult diapers. Techland/Warner

The makers of Dying Light, a zombie survival game, want one wealthy fan to have a gaming experience unlike any other. The My Apocalypse Edition is an over-the-top package stuffed with zombie-related goodies. It includes four signed Xbox One copies of the game itself, but that's the least exciting part of the whole thing.

The festivities kick off with zombie-survival parkour lessons so you can learn to escape the shuffling hordes using nothing but your athletic body and the urban landscape. A life (death?)-size zombie figurine is included to haunt your house and cause you to turn into a terrified puddle of sobbing humanity every time you accidentally stumble across it while heading to the bathroom in the dark of night.

Dying Light is so confident in its fright-inducing nighttime gameplay that the special edition comes with night-vision goggles and a stack of adult diapers. Another bonus involves having your face skinned onto an infected Night Hunter character so you can see yourself onscreen as a horrible monstrosity.

The true centerpiece of the package is a custom-built zombie-proof shelter. The lucky buyer can feel fairly confident about the shelter's ability to repel the infected. It comes from Tiger Log Cabins, a company that has clearly spent effort on dreaming up cabins that can thwart the onslaught of the undead. Tiger unveiled a zombie-proof log cabin design last year with a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee.

The one-off package is available from UK site Game for about $387,700 (£250,000, AU$491,000). You would have to be a crazy-rich Dying Light superfan to think about spending that much on the My Apocalypse Edition, but it sure is a fun publicity stunt.

The My Apocalpyse Package also comes with an Xbox One console. Game

(Via Luxury Launches)