Ducky's Computex 2018 limited-edition keyboard is all about tattoos

The keyboard maker partners with Hong Kong ink artist Michael Chan for a work of art.

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Meet Ducky's Chinese zodiac-inspired limited edition keyboard.

Aloysius Low/CNET

Last year, Taiwanese keyboard maker Ducky showed off a limited-edition keyboard based on the Chinese zodiac, and this year it's all about the dog.

Working with Hong Kong tattoo artist Michael Chan, 2018's dog-inspired theme is clad in a simple blue-and-white color scheme, but with very cool-looking Chinese motifs commonly used in tattoo art in the East adorning the keys. The designs are based on Chinese mythology, featuring Erlang Shen's dog from the classic tale Journey to the West

If you've watched any Hong Kong gangster films or played the Hong Kong-based game Sleeping Dogs, you'll likely find these tattoos very familiar. Instead of being inked on skin though, the artwork is replicated on the keyboard, and pretty much stands out when placed next to any of your more mundane ones.

The mechanical keyboard will feature a special zinc alloy cover plate, a full-sized layout, RGB lighting and a range of Cherry MX RGB switches. Only 2,018 of these will be made and sold globally in August or September -- one more than last year -- and have to be preordered through your local Ducky distributor, as Ducky isn't selling them directly. If you have a switch preference, you'll want to preorder early, as once those switches run out you'll be out of luck. Pricing has not yet been revealed.

Check out the intricate details below.


The beautiful tattoo designs make the keyboard really stand out.

Aloysius Low/CNET

It's so pretty you don't want to use it for fear of wearing out the artwork.

Aloysius Low/CNET

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