Draw Something gets undo, sharing - and now you can play us!

Draw Something, the smash hit game for smart phone scribbling, has been updated -- and now you can play the CNET team at 'cnetuk'.

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Richard Trenholm
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Draw Something, the smash hit game for smart phone scribbling, has been updated. You can now undo your last squiggle and share your touchscreen tour de force on Facebook and Twitter -- and now you can even unleash your touchscreen Turner or multi-touch Monet on the CNET team.

To play against me and the rest of the CNET UK gang, just look for the username 'cnetuk' and challenge us to a game. Be warned: we did a couple of modules of finger-painting in primary school, so as the picture above shows, we're pretty quick on the draw.

The game, developed by OMGPop, sees you take turns with friends to guess a word from their phone-based doodling. Once you've guessed the word, choose your own easy, medium or difficult word and doodle your picture. Then send it to your friend for them to guess the word.

It's a simple pleasure -- falling squarely into the it's-so-simple-why-didn't-I-think-of-that-dammit-I-could-be-a-millionaire-by-now category -- but it's the little details that make it so addictive.

For example, in between turns your drawing process is played back so you can watch your opponent trying to guess what it is, allowing you to see at which point they grasped the full breadth of your artistic vision -- or you can watch them floundering in confusion at your bizarre and puzzling pictograms.

Today's update allows you to undo your last step, saving you from having to employ the eraser or scrap your whole drawing. And when you've created a masterpiece, you can share it to Facebook and Twitter or save it for posterity.

You can now also chat to your opponents in between rounds, to award kudos for their artistic endeavours or mock them mercilessly for their ham-fisted doodlings.

Draw Something is available now for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Would you like to join the CNET team in a round of drawing things on Draw Something? Just sign up for a game against the username 'cnetuk' -- happy sketching! We'll share the best pictures -- and the worst -- on our Facebook page.