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Doctor Who Infinity game puts Tenth Doctor and Rose in danger

The third chapter of the interactive game features the Doctor and Rose Tyler stumbling upon a Welsh mystery and an alien invasion.

Why merely watch your favorite Time Lord and companions get into intergalactic trouble on TV when you can fully immerse yourself in their sci-fi time-travel with the Doctor Who Infinity game?

The third original Doctor Who episode in the comic-book-style game is called The Lady of the Lake and will center around the Tenth Doctor (made popular in the BBC show by actor David Tennant) and his companion Rose Tyler. 

In The Lady of the Lake, the Tenth Doctor and Rose find themselves in the Black Mountains of Wales, where a full-blown alien war has descended on a small village. 

The pair teams up with a local poet as they try to unravel the mystery about a lady seen walking over the surface of Llyn-y-Van Bach Lake. The Doctor must also discover why animals nearby have been dying at midnight, and how it might be connected to a piece of alien weaponry.

Previous game episodes include The Dalek Invasion of Time and The Orphans of the Polyoptra. Three additional stories are slated to launch in 2018, with more adventures to follow.

Each story is being crafted as a collaboration between Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio, and uses the Doctor Who actors from the TV series, as well as official Doctor Who comic book writers and artists. 

Doctor Who Infinity will be available for download on Steam in August 2018.