Dark Souls 3 is 900p on Xbox One, looks 'impressive,' report says

Technical analysis of the new RPG also reveals frame rate can drop to 20fps in some sections.

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GameSpot staff
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Digital Foundry obtained a copy of Dark Souls III on Xbox One and conducted a technical analysis, finding the role-playing game runs at a native resolution 900p.

While it doesn't run in native 1080p (it's upscaled from 900p), Digital Foundry said the game "still looks impressive," specifically calling out its use of anti-aliasing.

"The upscale from 900p doesn't dampen the experience to any tangible degree -- though if you're looking for the most pristine visuals, we suspect PlayStation 4 or PC will be the ones to go for," it wrote.

Digital Foundry also looked at Dark Souls III's frame rate on Xbox One and found that, as was the case with From Software's Bloodborne, the game's locked 30fps with v-sync leaves something to be desired.

"This means that while we do hit a 30fps line on average, we still get the perception of stutter anyway, with several unique frames running in a row, followed by multiple duplicates," it found, going on to note that the opening section of the game dips down to 25fps in a scene involving heavy fog effects.

In some scenarios, including large-scale situations, the frame rate can reportedly fall to 20fps.

"Fortunately, we get a 30fps average for most of this Lothric section, and it's only in these isolated spots where Xbox One struggles," Digital Foundry said.

An analysis of the PlayStation 4 version of Dark Souls III is coming in the days ahead, as well as presumably a breakdown of the PC edition.

Dark Souls III is out now in Japan, but doesn't come to the west until April 12. You can read this post to find out exactly when our review will be published.

In other Dark Souls III news, a new trailer has been released, showcasing some punishing gameplay and creepy-looking enemies.