Crackdown 3 suffers another delay, now scheduled for February 2019

Microsoft's blow-everything-up-athon suffers a third delay to ensure players will get "the experience they deserve."

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Jackson Ryan

Microsoft has remained fairly hush about the state of Crackdown 3, the highly-anticipated third installment of its building-toppling, car-flipping franchise that first launched back in 2007, and fans have been getting a little restless wondering when exactly they'll get a chance to play it.

First announced at E3 2014 and subsequently slated for a release on Nov. 7, 2017, the Xbox One and Windows 10 title was pushed back in August 2017 to a mysterious "Q2/Q3 2018" date. Since then, not a lot of information has trickled out from Microsoft or developer Sumo Digital.

After sources reported to Kotaku a delay was coming, Microsoft made a statement to Windows Central, revealing that the title "will be launching in Feb 2019" in an effort to make sure it can deliver fans "the experience they deserve."

It also signed off the statement by letting us know to expect more information on Crackdown 3 at its E3 2018 briefing, this Sunday, so if you were worried this one might fall into the "vaporware" pile, there is some relief.

Whether its E3 briefing will include any gameplay footage or another trailer featuring the big, friendly, giant Terry Crews we don't yet know -- but we won't be waiting long to find out.