Civilization 6's Spain Civ will make you want to take to the seas quickly

Get the rundown on what makes sets Spain apart in Civilization VI.

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GameSpot staff
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Firaxis and 2K have continued their unveiling of the various playable civilizations in the upcoming Civilization VI, and the latest to get the spotlight is Spain.

Led by Philip II, Spain players will want to focus on spreading religion and expanding to other continents. This is true for a number of reasons, including the fact that Spain's special ability, Treasure Fleet, causes trade routes between continents to provide extra yield. Spanish ships can be combined with one another to create fleets sooner than those of other civs, providing a way to ensure those waterbound trade ships stay protected.

On the religion side, Spanish units get a combat bonus when facing off against units of another religion. Spanish Inquisitors can use the Remove Heresy ability one more time than those of other civs. Spain's unique unit, the Conquistador, receives a bonus in combat when sharing a hex with certain units (Missionaries, Conquistadors or Apostles). Additionally, if a Conquistador is located next to a city when it's captured, that city will convert to Spain's majority religion.

Finally, Spain's unique improvement is the Mission. It provides Faith by default, with the amount being increased if it's built on a separate continent from Spain's capital. It also provides Science if it's built next to a Campus.

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