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Check out this mock-up of the PS4

Based on Sony's teaser video, one artist has mocked up their impression of what the PS4 will look like.

Sony's quick teaser video, presumably released to partially spoil Microsoft's Xbox One reveal, showed us a lot of elements of the PlayStation 4, but not a whole image.

An artist's impression of the PS4. (Credit: morphinapq)

Now, a Reddit user going by the handle morphinapg has stitched together all of the disparate elements to create a full artist's impression of the PS4, from multiple angles.

Putting the files up on the image-sharing service imgur, morphinapq said:

When I first started studying the images from the teaser, one thing I quickly deduced was that the top of the console uses at least three materials: a black, glossy material, a dark-grey matte material and a light-grey glossy material. It also became clear early on that the entire base of the console was made of the dark-grey matte material.

(Credit: morphinapq)

The entire reasoning behind the design — along with more images — can be found here, and it's well worth reading.

We'd have to say that it seems just a little too busy for a Sony product. The front-based vents don't seem to fall within Sony's usually sleek design ethos, but until the company shows off its final version of the occult console, we'll have to wait and see.

A side-on view. (Credit: morphinapq)