Cat Petting Simulator is a slice of fluffy heaven

If you want to take time out of your day to enjoy a furry, purry pussycat, Cat Petting Simulator offers a small piece of loveliness.

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Image by NNelumba, CC BY-SA 2.0

There's something very soothing about a purring cat: running your hand over the plush fur, feeling the rumble deep within the chest. There are many instances, however, when the option of enjoying a nice time petting a happy cat is simply not available.

For those times, there's Cat Petting Simulator.

Don't be fooled by its text-based nature: Cat Petting Simulator is the real deal. It takes you through the experience of having a nice, involved petting session with a happy cat, while the surprisingly verisimilitudinous feline responds with what seems to be an equal amount of enjoyment.

Creator neongrey, who built the game in Twine, has constructed out of mere words a very leisurely experience that, after a few screens, makes you feel very much as though you are petting a cat in your head, a construct of imagination and softness (although it turns out Cassie is very much real). You can pet her ears, her cheeks, stroke down her sides and back, even brave the ever-so-tempting belly fur.

"It's been an ugly summer and an ugly fall, both in games and out. So it was important to me that I make a game that purely exists to make the player feel good," neongrey wrote.

"The cat of Cat Petting Simulator is a real cat, and every response to every pet is a real thing she's done. She loves me, and by extension, she loves you. I don't know who you are, player, but I want you, for at least a few minutes, to feel loved."

Well, how can you argue with that? Head on over to the Cat Petting Simulator page and get in on that fluffy, fluffy action.