Battlefield 1 has spectator mode and screenshot-taking tools on PS4, Xbox One, PC

EA announces more new features for the upcoming World War I shooter.

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GameSpot staff
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EA's upcoming World War I shooter Battlefield 1 will feature a spectator mode and camera tools -- and not just on PC. In a blog post, EA confirmed that the spectator mode and picture-taking tools will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when the game officially launches on October 21.

EA gave screenshot artist Berduu early access to the spectator mode and he explained how it works. You can follow any individual soldier or vehicle using a "director camera," which locks onto a player's movement, while allowing you to control its positioning.

There is also a "free camera" system in Battlefield 1's spectator mode. You can create multiple free cameras and place them around the map. You're able to switch between them at will, while the settings for each can be adjusted individually.

Players will also be able to tinker with field-of-view and depth-of-field settings. As Berduu explains, a low field-of-view value (30) works well for close-ups. Adjusting the depth-of-field values allows users to control things like camera blur. There are also filters that you can use, including noir, and each has a strength slider that lets players fine-tune their shots further.

Thankfully, there is also the option to hide the HUD. Watch Berduu's video above to see what you can do using the spectator mode and capture tools. The video below, from ShadowSix Films and sponsored by EA, also shows these things off.

You can play a portion of Battlefield 1 starting on October 13 if you're an EA/Origin Access member. Additionally, you can gain three-day early access with the $80 special edition.

Last week, EA released a trailer for its single-player campaign that gave us a look at the single-player stories of five different characters. Another short clip was recently released that teased a battle against the Ottoman Empire.