Baseball season welcomes new mobile apps (video)

The 2011 Major League Baseball season starts this weekend. CNET.com's Kara Tsuboi shares some popular mobile apps so you never have to miss a strikeout or home run.

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Kara Tsuboi
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I am a diehard baseball fan. Wait, let me clarify: I am a diehard Oakland Athletics fan. And now's a good time to throw in a full disclosure: I also work for the team on game days as their in-stadium host. I know--it's the greatest job ever for a baseball fan! When I saw that my CNET colleague Erica Ogg was writing a piece about mobile apps for baseball, I thought it would be a perfect way to combine my passions--baseball and tech--into one cool and useful story for our CBS audience.

Watch this: Baseball apps keep you in the game

As an LA Dodgers fan, Erica has been forced to find apps for her smartphone that allow her to follow the team even though she lives outside of the Los Angeles area. Her favorite go-to app is Major League Baseball's At Bat, and the 2011 version is packed with new features. I personally use the "lite" version since I do live near where the A's play, but the premium version would be so worth the $14.99 if you couldn't watch your team on TV. I am considering upgrading, however, so I can try out the "check in" feature that unlocks all sorts of goodies unique to your home stadium: a seating map, concession stand menus, deals on merchandise, and so on. Also, the app will keep track of your attendance and the team's win-loss record for the games you've attended. If your friends tell you you're the bad luck charm, at least now you can refute with evidence.

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Besides MLB's At Bat, there are so many other baseball apps to satisfy your angle on the game. Whether you're into fantasy baseball, scoring the game, or geeking out on its history and statistics, or you simply want to follow trade rumors, I hate to say it, but there's an app or two for all that. Erica advises that when browsing through the wide selection, you should read reviews to see which apps are worth your money and time.