Barack Obama doesn't care about Pokemon

You're not the only one Mr. President.

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Mark Serrels
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The midterm elections are fast approaching, and while some are battling against the foreign influence of hacking and social media manipulation, others are simply trying to get people to vote.

Like Barack Obama for example.


The above video is Barack Obama going through the seven most common excuses for not voting and debunking them.
But let's not bury the lede here.


Finally someone has the courage to say it.

As someone who was a surly teenager when Pokemon was originally a thing, I relate to Obama on a spiritual level here. I was too cool for school back in those days and since then I have been floating in the Pokemon abyss.

I've never been able to catch up since.
Sure, I fumbled with Pokemon Go like everyone else, but I never quite go onboard. Preach Obama. Preach.
Oh, and register to vote as well while you're at it.

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