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Backstage at Endeavour's welcome home party

After 20 years -- and 25 missions to space -- the "baby" Space Shuttle has arrived at its final home in Los Angeles. Cameras from 3ality Technica were on hand to document the shuttle's arrival.

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Daniel Terdiman
After its final journey, the Space Shuttle Endeavour, atop the Boeing 747 that carried it across the country, sits at rest at Los Angeles International Airport on Sept. 21, 2012. 3ality Technica

If you were just about anywhere in California last Friday, you probably had your head tilted up, scanning the skies for a very rare chance to see a Space Shuttle fly overhead.

Behind the scenes at Endeavour's final landing (photos)

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This was the final flight of Endeavour, the last Space Shuttle built, as it made its way across and around the Golden State atop a specially outfitted Boeing 747 before landing in Los Angeles, where it will reside permanently at the California Science Center.

As it flew over landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and NASA's Ames Research Center, thousands of people came out to celebrate the final flight of the youngest Space Shuttle.

Among the many people waiting at Los Angeles International Airport for Endeavour were photographers from 3ality Technica and the Society of Camera Operators, as well as David Knight, Ted Kenney, and Haley Jackson, the creative team behind a forthcoming film, "Endeavour Comes Home."