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Asus teams with Secretlab to create slick ROG gaming chairs

The Taiwanese electronics giant wants to power your gaming computer and support your back at the same time.


Asus' Republic of Gamers PC series is all about big flashy lights, insane specs and crazy designs.

Now, for its tenth anniversary, Asus wants to bring the ROG brand from your computer to your...chair.

The company is tying up with Singapore-based gaming chair maker Secretlab to release a set of ROG themed gaming chairs, or thrones as gamers like to call them, so you can quest hard while also receiving lumbar support.

The video game industry is bigger than ever, estimated by Newzoo to be worth over $90 billion. As part of gaming's explosion, accessories like chairs, controllers, headphones and keyboards are becoming more popular. Sales of periphery products like these led Razer to become a billion dollar company, and give companies like Mad Catz hundreds of millions in revenue each year.

ROG's signature red and black aesthetic is featured prominently, with the logo making an appearance on the back and front. The chair itself is a variant of the company's Throne V2, co-founder Alaric Choo says.

Like the Throne V2, this chair's seating area comprises a unibody frame combined with "enhanced padding and a full tilt mechanism."

The good news is that the ROG chair is available free of charge with any purchase of an Asus ROG G20 or GT51 gaming desktop.

The bad news is that the G20 and GT51 won't come cheap. The G20, powered by a GTX 1070 graphics card, will set you back around $2,050 (converts to roughly AU$2,700, £1,580). The more powerful GT51 comes with a Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card and costs $2,700 (approximately AU$3,500, £2,100).

The worst news is that, for now at least, the deal is only available in Singapore.