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Arcade1Up's bigger Pro machines, Harry Potter Wizard's Chess debut at CES 2022

The Pro lineup features larger 19-inch screens, while the Infinity Game Table gets a version of the Wizarding World's chess game.

Mike Sorrentino Senior Editor
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Mike Sorrentino
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Arcade1Up's larger Pro cabinet with Killer Instinct.


Arcade1Up is debuting at CES 2022 its bigger Pro Series arcade machine line, which will release in summer 2022 with Rare's Killer Instinct fighting game. The machines will have a larger 19-inch screen, up from the 17-inch monitors seen previously, along with Suzohapp buttons and joysticks, faux-metal T molding and improved speakers.

Pricing for the Killer Instinct cabinet isn't yet available, but Arcade1Up CEO Scott Bachrach said in an interview with CNET that the line will be hitting the $1,000 to $1,200 price range. ($1,000 converts to roughly £740 or AU$1,390.)

"It's about the closest thing you can get to a $3,000 to $5,000 [arcade cabinet] for sub-$1,500," Bachrach said. 

While the Pro line will cater to the higher-end arcade enthusiast, Arcade1Up is also unveiling a Legacy Edition line in the non-Pro cabinet size which will feature 14 games per machine. The Legacy line will debut in spring 2022, with the first three including a Bandai cabinet with a Pac-Mania/Pac-Man theme, a Midway cabinet featuring Mortal Kombat 30th Edition and an Atari cabinet themed after Centipede.

Both the Pro line and the Legacy line arcade cabinets will feature online play, much like The Simpsons Arcade1Up cabinet released last year.

Arcade1Up is also continuing its investment into the Infinity Game Table, the $650 electronic coffee table with built-in touchscreen adaptations of board games. That device, which debuted at last year's CES, has just added a 3D version of Harry Potter Wizard's Chess. Much like the movie and book series, this is a game of chess in which the pieces clobber each other to bits upon capture.

The above footage shows off how the game looks on the Infinity Game Table. While there are real-life versions of Wizard Chess in both board game and Lego form, for now this is one of the few in video game form outside of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game from 2007.

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