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Angry Birds tops 350m downloads, 1m toys a month

Angry Birds has been downloaded 350m times, and Rovio's selling 1m toys and t-shirts a month. So it's not got much to be angry about…

It seems that Angry Birds isn’t only the most downloaded app of all time, it's also a global player in terms of merchandise. Or, in non-marketing speak, a licence to print money.

Speaking at a blog event in San Francisco, Rovio's North American general manager Andrew Stalbow revealed Angry Birds has been downloaded over 350 million times. Not only that, the merchandise is also selling like hot cakes. To the tune of a million a month, per unit, if you're interested.

That's right, Rovio is selling a million Angry Birds soft toys a month. Which works out to over 33,000 a day. That's every month. And it's not like it's a one off either; the company is also selling a million Angry Birds t-shirts a month. Every month. Staggering.

Rovio launched its Angry Birds plush toys range back in December 2010. It had sold over 2 million by March of this year, and since then it's sky rocketed to the current figure.

Stalbow also had something to say on an upcoming version of Angry Birds. Asked whether Rovio could thrive without an Angry Birds game on Facebook, Stalbow said, "Facebook has actually been a massive platform for us, even though we haven't created a game on there yet. In terms of launching a game on there in the future, yes, absolutely, that's something we'll be talking about in the near future." Sayonara, Farmville.

Angry Birds only has a fan page on Facebook at the moment, though with over 7 million people liking it, the demand is obviously there for a game. Though employers may not see it that way, with yet more hours lost.

Angry Birds launched in web browsers back in May, and helped launch Amazon's Appstore for Android in March.