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Angry Birds Space heading for Windows Phone

Dismissing earlier claims, Rovio has confirmed it's bringing Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone 7.

Angry Birds Space blasted off a couple of days ago, launched in conjunction with Samsung, and reports quickly followed that Rovio wouldn't be porting the game to Windows Phone 7. That Rovio was dumping the operating system, no less.

Well, not so. Rovio chief executive Mikael Hed told Reuters: "We are working towards getting Angry Birds Space to WP7." So while he didn't give a launch date, it looks like the interstellar bird flinging will come to Windows Phone.

Rovio launched Angry Birds Space on 22 March at the Space Needle in Seattle, even fitting a dangling angry bird from the giant structure. But that's nothing -- for the teaser trailer leading up to launch, Rovio took to the ISS in outer space.

Ever get the feeling this phenomenon is getting a bit out of hand?

The game employs new gravity-defying physics (hence the out of this world setting) and even a version of the classic Space Invaders. It was touted as "Presented by Samsung Galaxy Note" at tech and music fest SXSW in Texas a couple of weeks ago. Samsung is hoping seeing the game on the big screen will help it shift more of its enormo-phone.

Angry Birds Space is the latest in the avian series. Previous instalments have included Easter, Halloween and Christmas, as well as a Chinese New Year edition. There's even a Gene Simmons-themed version supposedly incoming. In total, Angry Birds been downloaded more than half a billion times since launching in 2009 -- that's all versions together, not just the KISS one. Though I'd expect that to eclipse all others when it launches.

Have you been playing? What do you make of the new version? Is it a whole new direction, or is Rovio flogging a dead horse? Let me know what you reckon in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.