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Angry Birds Space blasts into orbit

Those Angry Birds seem even angrier now that they're stuck in deep space in the latest installment for PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Angry Birds has reached the final frontier in the newest twist on the popular game dubbed Angry Birds Space.

Launching today, the new game finds the birds sucked through a wormhole into another galaxy where as usual they have to shoot down their piggly nemeses. But in a nod to actual physics, Angry Birds Space taps into the gravity in force around interstellar objects to help the birds nail their targets.

Stuck on the surface of a moon, the birds have to land on the other side to bring down the pigs. Sending the birds off on the familiar slingshot displays a series of dots pinpointing their orbit, helping you better aim. And if the bird misses its mark the first time, the gravity of the moon will keep it in orbit, giving it another chance of landing on the right pig. You can even make trick shots in space that wouldn't be otherwise be possible.

Beyond the first several levels, other surprises and secrets await, says maker Rovio, which has outfitted the new game with 60 levels and other content available through in-app purchases or successful gameplay. A special Danger Zone also is in store if you manage to blast past the first couple of sections. And a Coming Soon area means that Rovio will be offering free updates down the road.

Like other editions of Angry Birds, the new game is definitely addictive. Caught up in playing it I had to keep reminding myself to write this story. And the nod to space physics adds a fun and "realistic" angle.

Angry Birds Space costs $5.95 for the PC and $4.99 for the Mac.

iPhone and iPod Touch users can grab the game for 99 cents, while iPad owners will find an HD version for $2.99 already optimized for the Retina Display. Android users can download a free ad-supported version at Google Play.

Dedicated versions are also available at $2.99 for the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook tablet.


Watch out for wormholes