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Analogue Pocket Limited Edition Classic Colors Bring Back Game Boy Nostalgia

Analogue seems to be finding success in releasing new limited edition colors.

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Imad Khan
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Analogue pocket classic colors

Analogue Pocket Limited Edition Classic Colors in blue, green, indigo, spice orange, pink, red, silver and yellow.


The Analogue Pocket, an impressive third-party Game Boy handheld that came out in 2021, is set to release another line of limited edition colors, this time taking inspiration from past Nintendo colorways.

With preorders dropping on Friday, Nov. 17, at 8 a.m. PT, this limited line of colors pulls from past Game Boy models. For example, the red unit seems to take inspiration from the Game Boy Pocket whereas the spice orange color takes after the Game Boy Advance. The price sees a $30 jump to $250 over the standard black and white units. Analogue says units will ship three days later on Nov. 20. 

The classic colors will be made available in blue, green, indigo, spice orange, pink, red, silver and yellow. Analogue says once these colors are sold out, there won't be future restocks.

New colors are a common way for video game console manufacturers to reinvigorate sales of existing hardware. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have rich histories of releasing limited edition colors as a way to excite consumer demand. It hit a fever pitch during the height of the pandemic when resellers, often referred to as scalpers, were using bots to buy up limited edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch consoles, selling them for more than double the price. Nintendo actually had to begin using a lottery system in Japan, and the company has started looking at strategies to deter scalping

Analogue's new array of colors isn't the first time the company has experimented with limited editions, either. It launched a line of translucent colors earlier this year, all of which sold out quickly and are now selling for between $75 and 100 more than their retail asking price on eBay.

Analogue Pocket Transparent Red

Analogue Pocket selling for $100 over retail asking price on eBay.

Analogue/Screenshot by CNET

Beyond releasing new colorways, the folks at Analogue are currently working on next year's Analogue 3D, a system that can take Nintendo 64 cartridges and output games at 4K resolution.