An early copy of No Man's Sky makes its way to Reddit

A Reddit user allegedly bought an early disc on eBay and starts posting videos and spoilers.

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Dan Ackerman
Hello Games

Gamers have been waiting patiently for No Man's Sky, the PlayStation 4 and PC game from developer Hello Games. The procedurally generated space exploration game (which means the planets and their creature populations are created by the game's AI, not hand-designed) has up to 18 quintillion planets to find and explore in its massive universe, and gamers could easily spend hundreds of hours playing.

A Reddit user named daymeeuhn claims to have spotted and purchased an early copy of the PS4 version of the game on eBay, and has been posting playthrough information and videos, weeks before the game's August 9 release date.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray seemed to confirm the leak, posting on Twitter Friday that people who have waited years to play should avoid online spoilers.

Games go on sale early accidentally all the time. But the high level of fan buzz around No Man's Sky, and exploding series of Reddit threads about the game leaks, make this a rare case when an early retail disc has created a major stir.

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