Amazon moves its Crucible game to closed beta amid poor player feedback

The free-to-play sci-fi shooter launched little over a month ago, but is now closed to new players.

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Crucible Amazon Games
Amazon Games

Crucible, Amazon Games Studio's free-to-play sci-fi shooter PC game, which launched as a public beta in May, is moving to a closed beta as of Wednesday, according to the developer's site. The move was made in response to player feedback and will focus on map, combat and system changes to improve the experience as well as adding improvements based on the feedback.

The player reviews on game service Steam currently range from forgiving to harsher commentary, but most of the reviews seem centered around it still needing a lot of work in almost all areas of the game. CNET's sister site GameSpot rated Crucible 5 out of 10, in line with other professional reviews.

Players who remain in the closed beta will see devs playing with the community during scheduled times and asking for feedback. "We're setting up a community council, made up of beta participants of all playstyles from casual to highly competitive players, who we'll be working especially closely with," said Colin Johanson, the game's lead developer. 

Otherwise, the game will continue on just as it has since the launch. People who want to enter the closed beta after today will eventually be able to sign up through the game's main site.

Amazon Game Studios, launched in 2012, makes titles including New WorldThe Grand Tour Game and Crucible. It has studios in San Diego and Orange County, California, and at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle. Crucible was developed in Seattle by a division called Relentless Studios. Next up is New World, based in the 17th century and launching in August, and an MMO based on Lord of the Rings.

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