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Amazon kills 20 percent game preorder discount, you'll get $10 off instead

Amazon Prime members have until Aug. 28 to preorder games like Red Dead Redemption for as little as $48.

Better move fast if you want the best preorder discount.

For years, Amazon Prime users would receive 20 percent off of video game preorders, from digital copies of PS4 games to physical copies of Nintendo Switch titles. But -- buried at the bottom of a Twitch Prime announcement -- we just spotted that Amazon is ending those discounts, effective Aug. 28.

Screenshot by Morgan Little/CNET

Those changes mirror those made by Best Buy when it decided earlier this year to sunset its Gamers Club Unlimited program, which offered 20 percent off video game preorders among other discounts. Best Buy replaced that perk with a $10 certificate when purchasing select titles. Sound familiar?

It's perhaps not the first change for Amazon's discount program since that competition cooled: Amazon also seemingly announced earlier this year that the 20 percent discount would no longer apply to remastered games, collector's editions and other variations of games available for preorder. But now it looks like Amazon is going further.

Per its amended page on game preorder discounts, it's clear Amazon is pivoting toward $10 in credit, though that credit comes with two noteworthy limitations. Any credits obtained via game preorders expire 60 days after their application to your account, and the credit can only be used by Amazon.com or Amazon Digital Services LLC products. So that credit won't apply to anything that comes from a third-party seller within Amazon's ecosystem. You'll have to buy from Amazon proper.

CNET screenshot

At time of publication, Amazon had not yet responded to a request for comment.

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