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Alternate realities for virtual worlds

Second Life may be the best-known virtual world, but it isn't the only one. That's a big point for techies gathering this week.

Second Life may be the best-known of the virtual worlds, but it isn't the only one. And that's a big point for techies gathering this week in San Jose, Calif.

A group of 23 companies and institutions has set out to search for ways to make content and identity transferable between virtual worlds.
October 12, 2007

Movable Life is a movable 'Second Life' feast

The alpha software allows users to access a limited version of 'Second Life' from almost any Web browser.
October 11, 2007

Cool Web front-end for multiple virtual world entry

Known as inDuality, this alpha software allows for entering into many different virtual worlds via a single Web browser interface.
October 11, 2007

New 'Second Life' viewer adopted by CBS' 'CSI'

OnRez is the first high-profile viewer to come along since Linden Lab said it would give an open-source nod to the SL development community.
October 10, 2007

Disney walks line with digital kids, parents

Paul Yanover, executive vice president and managing director of Disney Online, answers questions on where the fabled company is headed.
October 10, 2007

VCs sweet on kids' virtual worlds

And it's no wonder venture capitalists are salivating. Recent research points to vast expected growth in the market.
October 10, 2007

Virtual Worlds conference: Differentiation from 'Second Life'

At the second Virtual Worlds conference, everyone is either trying to, or being asked to, differentiate themselves from 'Second Life.'
October 10, 2007

Aeron chairs in 'Second Life' rights showdown

Maker of the iconic chair attempts to address the issue of fake Aerons in Second Life as it opens its in-world store.
October 9, 2007

Virtual Worlds conference opens to big questions

Most of the movers and shakers in the virtual-worlds community will be in San Jose, Calif., this week for a second Virtual Worlds conference.
October 9, 2007

New technology will let virtual-world designers incorporate Google's 3D Warehouse models, as well as terrain from Google Earth.
October 9, 2007

Virtual-world developers using Multiverse Networks' platform are able to import 3D models from Google's 3D Warehouse into their projects.
October 9, 2007

The two say they will work on ways to eventually let people use a single online persona in different online services.
October 9, 2007