All the Doom multiplayer modes revealed

Check out this new video to see the shooter's modes, including Soul Harvest and Freeze Tag.

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Following the reveal of all of Doom's multiplayer maps last week, Bethesda and id Software today showcased the shooter's multiplayer modes. There are six modes, and you can get a first look at some of these through the video below, while more details follow further down.

One of the modes spotlighted in the trailer is Soul Harvest. It is similar to Team Deathmatch, but you need to collect the souls of the players you killed -- not unlike Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty. Additionally, a demon rune appears on the map where the first player is killed and adds another wrinkle.

The person who picks up the demon rune gets to keep it for the duration of the match. If you kill someone as the demon, they drop two souls instead of one. If the demon dies, it drops five souls, while someone else will take over as the demon.

Freeze Tag mode, meanwhile, is somewhat like the game you played as a kid. Players who are killed do not die right away, as they are instead frozen and immobilized until a friend can thaw them. If that doesn't happen soon enough, the player dies.

The mode Warpath is a variant of King of the Hill, but the twist is that the capture point is constantly moving. Domination, meanwhile, sees players trying to capture three static point--but the interesting part is that a demon rune will spawn randomly, giving the side that captures it the upper hand, in theory at least.

One of the other new modes is Clan Arena, and it's for Doom purists. In this mode, all pick-ups are removed and players cannot restore health and armor. There is no respawning and no demon runes are available. Lastly, Team Deathmatch is exactly what you think it is.

You can visit Bethesda's blog for a more detailed rundown of Doom's multiplayer modes.

Doom's multiplayer modes include:

  • Soul Harvest
  • Freeze Tag
  • Warpath
  • Domination
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Clan Arena

As announced earlier, a closed multiplayer beta for Doom will run March 31 through April 3. Players who pr-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order and redeemed their beta code will have access to the closed beta period, while you can also go to GameStop to get a free code. It remains to be seen if there are other ways to get in. More information about Doom's multiplayer beta can be found on the official website.

Doom is slated for a May 13 release date. Developer id Software recently held a competition allowing fans to vote for a reverse sleeve cover design -- check out the winning art design here.