Adorable Pokemon burgers not made from actual monster meat

Take your Pokemon Go passion to a new level by stuffing some Pokemonsters in your mouth.

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Pikachu chooses you.

Down N' Out

Those Pokemon are so cute! Don't you just want to eat them up? A burger restaurant in Sydney knows exactly how you feel. Down N' Out is catering to the hungry Pokemon Go crowd with a series of specialty burgers made to look like characters from the popular game.

Down N' Out calls the creations "Pokeburgs." They quickly sold out at a recent dinner service, but the restaurant says it will triple its supplies for the next night.

The burgers come in Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander flavors. No Pokemonsters were harmed in the production of these burgers, though plenty of real-life animals appear to be involved in the fillings.

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The Pikachu burger features a yellow bun with black-tipped ears extending out of the top. The burger comes stuffed with cheese, fries, pickles and some sort of red sauce. It has a cute Pikachu face emblazoned on top. It's enough to make you think twice about taking a bite out of it, but it won't stop you from gnawing its face off.

The green-bunned Bulbasaur burger wears a broccoli hat and Charmander has a toothy little smile. You can try to catch them all, but it's a limited-time promotion.

American burger fans will no doubt recognize a similarity to the name of the popular US fast-food chain In-N-Out Burger. Down N' Out is a pop-up restaurant that acts as a tribute to In-N-Out, though it embraces a more crazed approach to burger-making. The restaurant offers massive sandwiches made with deep-fried cheese patties, macaroni and fried chicken inside. The Pokeburgs are similarly huge. You'll need to set down your phone while you're eating them.


Take a bite out of Charmander.

Down N' Out

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