Activision lands 'Shrek 3' license

Publisher will develop and distribute multiplatform title based on 2007 sequel to popular computer-animated fantasy comedy.

Tor Thorsen Special to CNET News
Tor is a freelance contributor to CNET Australia.
Tor Thorsen
"Shrek 3" won't be out until 2007, but that hasn't stopped DreamWorks from selling off the game rights to the computer-animated sequel.

On Wednesday, the movie studio issued a joint statement with Activision announcing that the publisher would develop and publish games based on the follow-up to "Shrek 2," the highest-grossing animated film of all time. That film's game adaptation--also published by Activision--was the best-selling children's game of 2004, according to figures released by The NPD Group.

Given that the release of "Shrek 3" is two years away--by which time all next-generation consoles will presumably be on the market--Activision did not specify which platforms it would be released for. It did, however, take the opportunity to further promote its long-standing agreement with DreamWorks to license films from the latter's computer animation studio, PDI, including last year's "Shark Tale," this summer's "Madagascar," and 2006's "Over the Hedge."

Tor Thorsen reported for GameSpot.