CNET Unveils AI Atlas: The Industry's Ultimate Guide to Consumer AI Products

Designed to help audiences understand a breakthrough new technology and make informed decisions on how to spend their time and money, AI Atlas is a unique resource in the consumer tech landscape.

CNET, the renowned technology advice brand, introduces AI Atlas, an immersive consumer directory featuring human-written reviews and ratings of generative AI products. Designed to help audiences understand a breakthrough new technology and make informed decisions on how to spend their time and money, AI Atlas is a unique resource in the consumer tech landscape.

AI Atlas includes detailed AI product reviews, coupled with practical insights on how to use this new generation of tools. The goal is to empower our audience and give them the confidence to understand, explore and adopt AI products. AI Atlas also includes resources to help consumers become better informed about the issues, opportunities and challenges they should understand in our fast-evolving, AI-focused world. "With AI Atlas, we're not just providing reviews; we're fostering a community of informed decision-makers ready to embrace technology responsibly," said Adam Auriemma, editor in chief at CNET. 

This innovative advice platform, developed by CNET's expert product review team, is built on a proprietary methodology for evaluating and rating generative AI tools. With a commitment to thought leadership, AI Atlas will feature diverse storytelling and information formats, including explainer videos and tips-based social content, ensuring readers get the most comprehensive and timely information available.

Incorporating user-friendly features such as in-depth FAQs, easy-to-follow explainers and practical guides to using AI tools, AI Atlas will cater to a wide array of interests, from wellness to personal finance. Alongside the editorial library, a new video series, called Expert v AI, will put AI to the test by pitting CNET experts in a head-to-head battle of knowledge and expertise. CNET experts in tech, electric vehicles, wellness and more break down the AI's answers, grade its performance and separate fact from fiction. 

CNET's appointment of Connie Guglielmo as senior vice president of AI edit strategy in 2023 highlights the brand's commitment to shaping and promoting responsible AI adoption, which has set the foundation for AI Atlas' coverage plans. In her role, Guglielmo leads initiatives aimed at shaping CNET's public AI policy, establishing ethical editorial guidelines and ensuring transparency in our coverage through unbiased advice and clear disclosures. Additionally, Guglielmo engages with audiences through her weekly AI newsletter, "5-ish Things About AI," delivering her  top five AI insights of the week. 

The launch of AI Atlas coincides with a dynamic website redesign and showcases CNET's commitment to providing cutting-edge tech advice, expert insights and useful resources to our  audience. The revamped site was designed to enhance user functionality and encourage  exploration, research, comparison and informed decision-making.

By focusing on immersive user experiences and relatable content, CNET aims to captivate and engage visitors. The redesigned platform emphasizes CNET's dedication to expertise, spotlighting its team of experts, who have a combined 270-plus years of firsthand testing experience, and our ongoing commitment to hands-on, unbiased product testing in our state-of-the-art labs across the United States.

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