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​Microsoft opens Foxtel Play to all Xbox 360 users

Xbox 360 users will no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership to access pay TV on their console as Microsoft opens the door for Foxtel Play.


Microsoft has announced that gamers will no longer be required to have a paid Xbox Live Gold Membership to access Foxtel Play.

Previously, users who wanted to access the paid Foxtel Play service were also required to maintain an Xbox Live Gold membership. However, users will now be able to stream live or catch-up TV over the internet using just their Xbox 360 and an internet connection (with a speed of at least 3 Mbps).

Foxtel Play's packages feature more than 45 live channels including Fox Sports, movie channels and special interest channels such as History, Discovery and MTV. Users can also access Foxtel Go through their subscription, allowing them to watch content on up to two additional iOS and Android devices. New subscribers are also eligible for a 14-day trial, and users can subscribe from month to month.