'Land' on colorful Pluto with this soaring NASA video

An imagined Pluto landing gets a colorful makeover in a NASA video that makes you feel like an astronaut flying down to a new world.

It's the distant future. You're a pioneering astronaut on Earth's first mission to land a person on Pluto and you're looking out the window of your high-tech spacecraft. What will you see? NASA has an answer in the form of a video showing what a Pluto landing would look like.

The video uses over 100 images from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft. NASA first released an imagined landing video for Pluto in 2016, but that version is in black and white. The new video brings color into the footage to make the sequence look more realistic.

The color aspects come from a low-resolution color camera on board New Horizons. Scientists combined that color information with the higher-resolution black-and-white images for the video released on Thursday.

New Horizons, which launched in 2006, conducted a close flyby of Pluto in 2015. The craft is currently heading deeper into space to investigate objects in the Kuiper Belt, a region of the solar system that extends from beyond Neptune's orbit.

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