NASA's Insight Lander just won an Emmy

NASA also wins an Emmy for its co-coverage of the SpaceX Crew Dragon test flight to the International Space Station.

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InSight's solar panels appear in this image from Mars on Dec. 7.


NASA's Lander is having a rough time on Mars at the minute, trying to dislodge its "mole" from martian soil. That's the bad news. 

The good news? The Insight Lander is now an Emmy winner!

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on Sunday gave NASA the Outstanding Original Interactive Program award for its coverage of the Insight Lander's journey to Mars. It was given the award for its tireless coverage across online, social media and TV among other things. 

"Congrats to those who contributed to the news, web, education, television and social media coverage of this landing on the Red Planet," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted in response.

The Insight Lander's mission to Mars is to use a seismometer and measure seismic activity and provide accurate 3D models of the planet's interior. As mentioned above, things aren't going exactly as planned. But even if Insight can't remove the mole currently lodged in Mars soil, there's still plenty of other science it can get stuck into, including measuring Mars-quakes. 

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NASA also won a second Emmy in partnership with SpaceX in the category of Outstanding Interactive Program for coverage over the SpaceX Crew Dragon test flight to the International Space Station.