A flying snake robot code-named DRAGON. What could go wrong?

It's fine. Everything is fine.

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Daniel Van Boom
JSK Lab/University of Tokyo

Boston Dynamics' robot hell hounds may be scary, but at least they can't fly. But if you thought you could evade the robot apocalypse by taking to the skies, well, we have some bad news for you.

Scientists from the University of Tokyo have created a transforming drone code-named "DRAGON". That name comes from its description: "Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGree-of-freedom aerial transfromatiON."

More importantly, we imagine it was named DRAGON for its resemblance to a flying reptile which will come to cleanse humanity of its sins.

The idea of DRAGON, which is comprised of four propulsive thrusters, is that it can change shape to fit through different gaps and structures, according to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Straight, vertical, diagonal, snake -- it can do them all.

In other words, you can hide but you can't run. Thankfully, the prototype seen in the video can only fly for about three minutes.

The domain of horrifying robots has in recent years been owned by Boston Dynamics, whose robots have steadily gotten increasingly agile. It's even being commercialised, with dog robots going on sale next year.

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