AI helps this Koda social robot dog sense human emotions

This AI robot dog not only climbs stairs but also interacts socially with its human owners.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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If you can't adopt a real dog, why not opt for this robot dog from Koda that uses artificial intelligence?


Man's best friend has always been the domesticated dog, but mutts around the world could end up with some serious competition in the form of Koda's AI-powered robot dog

Unlike other robot dogs on the market, the Koda artificial intelligence dog is meant to interact socially with its human owners. The robot's AI helps it sense when its owner is sad, happy or excited so it can, over time, respond in an appropriate manner to human emotions.

This robot dog can be a companion, seeing-eye dog or guard dog, accomplishing tasks thanks to Koda's "blockchain-enabled decentralized AI infrastructure" that enables it to process complex problems and even learn new skills, according to an official promo video.

Decentralized artificial intelligence, also often called distributed artificial intelligence, is a subfield of artificial intelligence research that focuses on the development of distributed solutions for problems. 

Blockchain is a way of recording and storing information that makes it hard to change or hack a system. Blockchain doesn't store any of its information in a central location. 

Instead, the blockchain is copied and spread across a network of computers, which ensures that all the robot's data is secure, unlike the usual internet of things devices that are connected to a home network.

So in the most basic terms, Koda's decentralized AI social robot dog can react to its human owners' behavior by using AI to learn and adapt along the way while keeping its data private and impossible to hack. 


The Koda robot dog can also double as a supercomputer.


The Koda robot dog is equipped with 3D depth cameras located on the front, back and each side of the robot's body. There's even a 13-megapixel camera on the front of the robot to take high-quality photos.

The robot has a fully functional head and tail-piece and uses 14 high-torque motors with two motors on the neck for animal-like mobility. The pooch also has a high-resolution display and multiple sensors including a force foot sensor. The robot's microphone array has 97% accuracy for voiceprint recognition, Koda said.

"It is a functional piece of home technology, a family pet and a piece of art, all at once," Koda CEO Emma Russell said in a statement. "Those who take this opportunity to be an original owner of a Koda will be able to watch its decentralized AI in action as it evolves from a puppy-like state to a robotic dog with the intelligence of a supercomputer." 

Not only does Koda's AI robot dog sound like a cool companion, but it's also a bit cheaper than the Boston Dynamics Spot Mini, which sells for around $75,000Koda's AI robot dog has a lower price range between $45,000 and $55,000. 

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