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You can buy this McLaren P1 for less than an Xbox game

You're probably not going to fit in it, though.


The McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar has been sold out for well over a year, but now, you can pick one up for cheap -- sort of.

As part of the P1's fifth anniversary, McLaren announced the "foot-to-floor" edition of the P1, which, as you might have guessed by now, is a child's toy. Built for children under the age of 3, it relies entirely on human power. Your young one sits on it, pushes it around, and (probably) makes car noises while doing so.

Helmet and racing suit not included, natch.


Available in time for Christmas, this latest P1 variant won't leave a very large dent in your wallet. Its recommended retail price is just £36, which converts directly to about $47.00, or less than your average big-studio video game. It's also a fair bit cheaper than the ride-on electric toy geared for slightly older children. Growing up is expensive.

While the latest version doesn't have anywhere near 1,000 horsepower, it's one of but a few chances to pick up any version of this hypercar for less than the cost of a whole city block.

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