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You can already rent a Tesla Model 3 on Turo

Be prepared to pay out the wazoo, though.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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Very few people have been behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 just yet. But would you be willing to pay hundreds of dollars a day to take one for a spin?

Tesla Model 3s are already popping up on Turo, a peer-to-peer car rental service that allows users to rent cars directly from other people, as opposed to some centralized giant like Hertz or National. This allows average folks to spend time behind the wheel of some rides that are a bit more interesting than your average Versa, whether it's a classic or something brand spanking new.

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While this is just a press photo, I've seen an overwhelming preference on Turo toward blue Model 3s. I wonder why that is.


Now that the cars are being delivered to owners across the country, Model 3s are available in a variety of markets. A quick search pulled up Model 3s on Turo in California, Colorado, Florida and Washington, DC.

Since normal folks rent out the cars, pricing varies wildly. Jeff is offering up his Model 3 in DC for just $232 a day, which seems pretty reasonable for a brand-new vehicle that owners are still waiting to receive. Other listings have prices in the $400 to $500 range, which is a fair bit more expensive. And then there's Jared in Santa Clara, California, who's offered up his Model 3 for a whopping $700 per day. Yikes.

Every Model 3 that's been delivered to owners just far comes equipped with a whole bunch of options, like a long-range battery and premium interior touches, so you won't be getting the bare-bones $35,000 model or anything.

Odds are, these prices carry some inflation due to the car's current scarcity, so if you can temper your anticipation and hold off for a couple more months, there will be a greater supply on the P2P rental site, which should bring those prices down. But if you can't possibly wait another minute to drive a Model 3, even if you're still sitting on the reservation list, this is one way to get a sneak peek at what Tesla has in store.

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