You can now buy a 1,000-horsepower Corvette from your Chevy dealership

The 2019 Yenko/SC Stage II kit starts at $68,995.

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Yenko/SC Stage II Chevrolet Corvette

The upgrade kit adds 540 horsepower to a Corvette Grand Sport.

Speciality Vehicle Engineering

Sure, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 boasts 755 horsepower, but is that really enough power to keep you happy? If your answer is "no," look no further than Specialty Vehicle Engineering's Yenko/SC Stage II upgrade. It takes a standard 460-horsepower 2019 Corvette Grand Sport and cranks it up to 1,000 horsepower.

While plenty of aftermarket companies can offer ludicrously powerful cars, what's interesting about this Yenko upgrade is that it can be ordered directly through any dealership when you order your new Corvette. The car goes from Chevy to Specialty Vehicle Engineering, and then back to the dealership for you to pick it up completed. Specialty Vehicle Engineering, which was formerly known as SLP, has a 25-year history doing this type of "Second Stage Vehicle Manufacturer" business with dealerships. It also offers supercharging packages for the , Tahoe/Suburban and Escalade.

So, how exactly does the Stage II car produce all 1,000 horsepower? New internals bump displacement of the 6.2-liter V8 to 6.8 liters, while a big supercharger, new fuel system and a low-restriction exhaust contribute more power. With that much power, the company recommends the donor Grand Sport be optioned with the Z07 package that bundles improved brakes, suspension and aerodynamic parts. There's also a Stage 1 package with a smaller supercharger and different engine tune that's rated for a still-considerable 835 horsepower.

Of course, the Yenko upgrade doesn't only concern engine parts. You'll also get various exterior details and interior badges, as well as custom floor mats, branded key fobs, serialized door sill plates and new door cards. Corvettes with the eight-speed automatic transmission also get a special upgrade to help the transmission cope with the extra torque.

Pricing for a car with a seven-speed manual transmission starts at $68,995, while buyers who want an automatic transmission will pay $77,995 -- on top, of course, of the price of buying a Corvette Grand Sport donor car. That's a big chunk of cash, but note that you're partly paying for exclusivity: Speciality Vehicle Engineering will sell just 25 copies of the Yenko/SC Stage II car.

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