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XCAR Awards 2013: Best Sound

The noise that falls from the back of cars can evoke some pretty great feelings. Here's our choice of the best from 2013.

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The shortlist for this one was LONG, but Jaguar's F-Type makes an incredible noise no matter which one you go for.

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Throwing a V-8 in a family car is no new thing, but the 4.2-litre V-8 found the Audi RS 4 is a dirty, mechanical, guttural thing that throws out a noise unlike any other. It'll encourage you to drive everywhere in second gear.

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BMW's 327 may be older than your grandparents but it makes a noise that caused the whole team to go wobbly at the knees. If that's what family wagons sounded like way back when then sign us up.

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A 6.0-litre V-12 will sound good in anything, but Aston Martin's engineers made it sing in the V12 Vantage. We can't help but love it.

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The Pagani Huayra was designed to give those who experience a sensory overload, so you'd expect its twin-turbo 6.0-litre V-12 to be pretty special. It's more than that -- much, much more.

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Firing its noise out of four side-mounted exhausts, the Morgan Aero Coupe's BMW-sourced V-8 lends the Mog a noise to suits its 1930's looks.

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Our winner isn't modern. It isn't bursting with power either. It's an icon that showed Enzo Ferrari where to stick his prancing horse. It's the Mk III Ford GT40. Nothing sounds quite as good as that thing's V-8. Sadly, nothing probably ever will.

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