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XCAR Awards 2013: Bats#*t Crazy Car of the Year

Not many cars can be described as bats#*t crazy, but on our first ever XCAR shoot at Morgan the honorary title was bestowed on the 3-wheeler. Ever since we have felt a strong attraction to those cars with mad looks and a sociopathic personality. They are truly insane and we absolutely love them.

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Along with the Morgan 3-wheeler we have the BAC Mono, as beautiful as it is bonkers. A single-seater road legal car, complete with cockpit, suspension on show for all to see and a racing-style steering wheel.

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If that's not mad enough for you, upgrade to the Radical RXC, the world's most extreme road-legal coupe. A car that can produce its own weight in downforce is perfect for that trip to the shops.

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Or maybe that would be a job for the world's fastest taxi? The Skoda Octavia VRS that Skoda tuned to create the fastest 2.0-litre production car capable of speeds over 22 0mph is a wonderful creation.

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But, truly, all of these pale in comparison to the Rage Comet R. A road-legal off-roading buggy, capable of tearing up track, motocross circuit, motorway and possibly space. We wouldn't bet against it, and we definitely wouldn't stand in its way. Careful, because it really does bite.

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