Would you pay $35,000 to have your Rolls-Royce decked out in carbon fiber?

One group will load your car up with the lightweight material, although it's more for showing off than actual performance.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

If you have the money, Rolls-Royce's Bespoke program will basically let you design a good deal of the car's aesthetics on your own. Want a special kind of wood that's only available in your first home's garden? Sure. But there are some things Rolls-Royce won't do. Thankfully, the aftermarket is here to fill that gap.

Two companies, Bengala Automotive and Vitesse AuDessus, have teamed up to provide a wealth of carbon-fiber replacement parts for a number of Rolls-Royce models, including the Phantom, Wraith, Dawn and Ghost. The carbon-fiber parts are constructed using a forging process that's similar to how Lamborghini will create its carbon-fiber connecting rods.

When you order the parts, you'll need to wait three to four weeks for the parts to be made. Your original parts will be stored and kept unmolested. The group will also manufacture a set of forged carbon-fiber wheels, which take a bit longer to build than the other parts. Available components for swapping include the hood, mirrors, windshield surround, roof, decklid and grille surround.

Of course, being bespoke replacement parts for a Rolls-Royce, you can't expect them to come cheap. If you buy every part aside from the wheels, it'll cost you about $35,000. The hood alone is $7,250, the roof is $9,655, and the decklid will set you back $6,950. The cheapest component? The mirrors and mounts, which run $3,125. Better start saving.

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