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Wireless EV charging pavement trials to begin in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Transportation and Purdue University will trial the pavement that charges EVs as they drive, in phases starting this summer.

Indiana freeways
Highways that charge EVs would be pretty incredible.
Bloomberg/Getty Images

California may be the national leader in electric vehicle infrastructure, but it's Indiana that plans to trial some pretty impressive new pavement technology. The Drive first reported on the state's Department of Transportation announcement last week that it will test wireless EV charging pavement. The technology, magnetizable concrete, comes from a German startup called Magment. The idea is to fill up an EV's battery while you motor along the highway, which would be a true game-changer in charging infrastructure.

With help from the Purdue University, the state plans to trial the magnetized concrete in phases. Don't expect the special pavement to hit the road right away. Instead, tests will take place at Purdue's West Lafayette campus through the state's Joint Transportation Research Program. This will cover phases one and two of the project to observe and optimize the technology.

Phase three is more exciting. Here, INDOT will start construction of a quarter-mile strip using the technology for further real-world testing. It won't be on public roads, but engineers want to study how well the pavement charges heavy-duty trucks. Semis and heavy-duty trucks are a key area for electrification, after all.

Once Indiana's finished with all of these tests, the state then plans to electrify a portion of the Interstate highway system within its borders. INDOT didn't provide a final timeline for when this may happen, and it likely has a lot to do with how well the trials go, but work begins for the first two phases this summer.