Winter driving tips, tricks from 'The Early Show'

Lauren Fix, a Car Care Council representative, shows CBS's "The Early Show" techniques for navigating your car in treacherous winter driving conditions.

Gary Spencer

I was on the phone with my parents who live in Ohio earlier today and they commented on how they've accumulated roughly two feet of snowfall in February alone--and the month isn't even over yet! Based on what I've heard, the snow is just going keep on coming, and all of my east coast buddies are ready for a break already. With the snow being a fact of life in the immediate future for many Americans, I thought it timely to present some video about how to deal with driving your car in snowy and icy conditions. This clip is from "The Early Show" on CBS in New York City.

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Chris Wragge, a WCBS-TV news anchor, gets tips and tricks for being safe in winter driving conditions from Lauren Fix, a Car Care Council representative. This clip is far from all talk; in fact, Fix gets behind the wheel to demonstrate some of the dos and dont's of handling your vehicle on icy or snowy roads.

One thing I like about this vid is that we get to look at the outside of the car in real time as Fix explains how to maneuver and handle a vehicle in treacherous driving conditions. Yes, many of us probably know all of this already. But in my opinion, it doesn't hurt to brush up on these techniques and tips with the type of weather many of us are experiencing across the U.S.