Winter driving tips: Braking

Today's video provides a few tips and tricks on how to be more efficient and safe when braking on snowy and icy roads.

Gary Spencer

In yesterday's video blog, we all got a brief glimpse into the impact good winter-specific tires can make when driving on snow and ice. Today's video from Michelin goes into deeper detail on how good winter tires and proper braking techniques can keep you safer when driving on winter weathered roads.

This demonstration video covers comparisons of braking distance between different tire types, emergency or threshold braking techniques, the difference in braking with ABS, cornering, and everything in between. Once again, even if you think you know everything about how to drive your car in the snow, there may be a hint or two here about how to drive even more safely in the nasty winter conditions that are still affecting drivers not just here in the states but around the world as well. So plug your headphones in and listen well because the Michelin Man knows best.