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Welcome to XCAR

XCAR is an all-new channel on CNET, where we tell the stories of the world's rarest, fastest, and most exciting cars.

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Welcome to XCAR, the home of unbridled passion for very hot, very fast, very powerful cars.

"What is this new channel?" you may be wondering. We hope it's the place you'll visit when you're ready to lean back and indulge in some of the best video, writing, and commentary about cars on the Web.

XCAR isn't a site that deals in MPG or CO2. We know those things are important, but to us it's the feel of the car, the look of the machine, and where it came from that take priority.

We want to take you inside the cars we drive. We know we're very lucky people, because we get to experience the world's finest cars day in and day out, so we want to give you the best look at them possible.

But we know it's not all about the latest thing to hit the road. As true car aficionados, we think it's important to remember to look back, too. For every supercar, sports car, or hypercar, there's a predecessor that paved the way to get auto technology where it is today. We take a look at some of the greatest cars ever made and tell their stories.

We also like car people. Looking at cars in their natural habitats is always fun, and so is talking to the people who put them there. We'll be chatting with some of motoring's greatest faces to make sure their stories get across.

We also don't discriminate: every car has something interesting going for it, and we want to show it to you. The XCAR take on cars is lighthearted rather than serious -- we won't overwhelm you with so much information you go cross-eyed, but we'll tell you why a car is worth your attention. The videos and articles we bring you will also tell you a few things that others may not.

Our style is to take a good look at the good in every car and not knock it for spurious reasons simply because we can. Cars are here to be celebrated, and that's exactly what we plan to do.

XCAR: for the love of cars.

-Alex Goy, Cars Editor, XCAR

From the CNET Editor

Alex is right: we're excited about XCAR here at CNET. We've been reviewing cars with a tech angle for quite some time, in fact. When we launched CNET Car Tech a few years ago, some of you wondered what autos had to do with gadgets, but in recent months and years, the industry has caught up with what we've long known: cars are tech and tech is cars. We already break down the good, the bad, and the bottom line on cars to help you pick the right one for you.

Now we're getting the chance to put some of the world's most beautiful technology -- the automobile -- on a pedestal, showcasing it with stunning and creative camerawork and clever delivery. The XCAR team has been planning, shooting, writing, and editing eagerly for two years, sharing their videos on YouTube and preparing this content. Please sit back and enjoy right here. (And start with the Ferrari video. Wow. Alex's turn in the Ferrari 458 will blow you so far away you'll have to catch a bus back home.)

-Lindsey Turrentine, CNET Reviews Editor in Chief

Ferrari 458
In one of our first episodes, we take a spin in the Ferrari 458. CNET

Now check out what XCAR is made of.