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Web locate your car

GPS Snitch is a GPS locator for your car.

GPS Snitch and box
The GPS Snitch is a tiny device you can hide in your car. Blackline GPS

Forget old car alarms with their annoying "whoop whoop whoop" sounds, GPS Snitch uses GPS, cellular technology, and the Web to help you locate your car. Unlike with traditional car alarm systems, installation merely requires that you put the GPS Snitch somewhere in the car and attach it to a 12 volt power point. With its motion detector and cell connection, it can send you a text message when it feels your car being moved. Whenever you want to find your car, you can either go online to see where it is on a map, or send a text message request. If you send a text message request, the system will send you a text reply with the car's location. While it all sounds pretty cool, the hardware costs $399, and the required subscription plans start at $14.99 a month or $169.99 per year. While our cars don't get stolen enough to justify the price, there are those mornings where we've come back to the neighborhood where we parked the previous night--before walking into a bar--and could use some help finding the car.